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The Benefits of Having WMPD Buy Your Land

  • No Hidden Fees Whatsoever

    There are absolutely no hidden fees in the WMPD service. Once a price for your land is agreed, we then calculate the final figure which you will receive. If you’re happy, we then complete the deal and and you will receive the final figure amount in full, in your account via the solicitors.

  • Sell Your Land Fast & Efficiently

    If you’re in need of money quickly, we can complete the purchase of your land in under a week!

  • We Believe In Complete Transparency

    One of the reasons why our customers love the WMPD service is the complete transparency they receive at every single step of the process. We over-communicate as we’ve found that to be the best course of action throughout every industry that we’re involved in!

  • We Can Answer Any Questions You Have

    Selling your land can be quite a daunting task but the WMPD team endeavour to make the process as easy, efficient and stress free as humanly possible! We know that questions can arise throughout any stage of the process which is why we are just a call away to answer any queries.

  • Our WM Brand Is Well Known Throughout The Region

    At West Midlands Property Developments, our WM brand is well known across the region, so you can rest assured knowing that we are a reliable land buyer.

You May Want To Consider Selling Part Of Your Land

Housing is in high demand across the country, and developers like ourselves are always looking for spaces to develop on. Depending on the size of your land, you may want to consider selling part of it. For example, if you have a large garden that you don’t have the time to look after or more space than you actually need, you could consider selling part of it off. We’ve seen instances where neighbours group together and form what’s known as a ‘Land Assembly’ where everyone makes a more lucrative amount of money than selling individually, due to the wider development opportunities available to the buyer.  

Do I Need Planning Permission On My Land Before I Sell?

There are pros and cons to getting planning permission on a land, if you haven’t attained it already. The main benefit is that it will probably increase the value of the land. However, there are costs involved in attaining planning permission. Also. the larger the plot of land, the longer the decision can take as these plans often require multiple amendments to get them agreed which takes additional time and money. You’ll also want to ensure that you get that additional value back on the eventual sale price of the land. If you sell your land as ‘bare land,’ the buyer the takes the cost of having to apply for planning permission. Yet, the sale price of the land probably won’t be as high. Selling land is a bit of a balancing act for sure!

If you have absolutely any queries about the process of selling land, our brilliant team at WMPD are more than happy to provide our years of experience in helping you make the right choices. We firmly believe in achieving a highly beneficial outcome for all parties involved in a land selling deal. This ethos is echoes throughout the entire WM brand which is why our reputation in the West Midlands is as good as it is!